About Me

Rachel Dormido portrait

I am a user experience designer. I earned a BFA from the Digital Design program at the University of Colorado Denver and was one of three visual arts students recognized as a distinguished graduate. I have previously worked part-time as a student assistant for an Augmented Reality project. I also worked as a student assistant to the webmaster of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, managing, writing, and designing web content for CLAS and its departments. During the last semester of my program, I worked as a UX Intern at Levels Beyond, Inc. Upon graduation, I worked there as a UX Designer until January 2021.

I created my first website on Geocities in 1999. I should have known then that I was destined to become a digital designer. However, I didn’t know that it was a profession, so I went to college for Chemistry instead. After graduating and working for several years, some soul-searching led me to return to school, this time for nursing. I happened to see a flyer advertising the Visual Arts program at CU Denver while taking pre-requisites for nursing school and went to see an advisor to learn more about it. The rest is history.

I love design because it allows me the opportunity to solve an endless variety of problems, gives me an excuse to research and learn about random things, and also be really picky about the details. My goal in design is to create products that are a joy to interact with and are accessible for everyone, regardless of ability, social class, gender, etc.

I particularly enjoy typography and user experience design. Outside of my work, my hobbies include reading, writing, drawing, and playing with my dog.