person dropping paper on box

Voting Booth UX Design Blog

What works well?

The voting booth had very readable text and clear buttons, which would make it easy for people to vote. The touch screen also seemed very responsive.

What can be improved?

The booth clearly biased voters towards choosing a certain candidate by rewarding the voter verbally and monetarily when the “correct” candidate was selected. When a different candidate was selected, the booth instead made the noise of a crying baby and allowed the voter a second chance to vote for the “correct” candidate. This is defeats the purpose of a voting booth, and it should be changed so that every candidate is presented as a neutral option by eliminating the rewards and punishments.

If you were asked to replicate the design of this voting booth for a client, how would you respond? Why?

If I were designing a voting booth, I would decline to replicate this design, since I believe its design is counter to the purpose of a voting booth. A voting booth should allow voters to make their choices without any bias, so a voting booth like this is completely opposite of that.


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